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How to host your content on WordnSpirit TV

WordnSpirit TV’s mission is to provide content that is based on and showcases the Word and the Spirit. If you have a story that you believe showcases the Word and the Spirit, then follow the creator journey below.

1. Be approved by the WordnSpirit Content Committee

💡 - Is it in line with God's truth, authentic, lovely, admirable, excellent, and does it bring glory to God?


The WordnSpirit Content Committee(WCC) is your first point of contact with WordnSpirit TV. WordnSpirit TV will share your trailer with the WCC. The WCC is made up of investors and committee members. WCC members decide which productions to approve, have access to exclusive content, and communicate with creators directly.

Format your trailer

Your trailer is a prototype of your content that is at least three minutes long. WCC members will watch your trailer and decide whether or not it aligns with our vision. You must submit an eligible trailer before receiving any consideration from the WCC.

💡 - Trailers should convey your vision clearly so that the WCC members can make a more informed choice.

2. Build your audience

Building a movement is where together we begin to grow an audience for your content. Once your trailer passes the WCC it is watchable by our entire audience. WordnSpirit TV viewers will be able to fund your project from our website,

In this stage, your team is introduced to our team at WordnSpirit TV, and together we will build a strategy to bring your content to the our platform. If we select your content as a WordnSpirit Original, your team will work with us regarding goals, branding, and messaging while giving you full creative control of your content.

💡 - Every show is required to have at least 50 votes to be considered. This shows that people want to watch your content

3. Production

This is the where creators do what they do best. WordnSpirit TV is mostly hands off in this stage, and we allow you to bring your vision to life. We give full creative control to you during production and are happy to provide any additional resources if needed.

💡 - To successfully complete this step, we recommend you have a team of at least two to three people

4. Distribution

Your final step in the WordnSpirit Creation Process is distribution. We work with you to create a distribution strategy and reach as wide an audience as possible.

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